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Houston Public Adjusters Faqs


Houston Public Adjusters Frequently Asked Questions

Stephen Dwight Hadhazi
Texas Public Adjuster

  • What are Houston public adjusters?
    These men and women serve policyholders throughout an insurance claim. They represent the policyholder and help them to get a more equitable settlement offer from the insurer.
  • Do Houston public adjusters work for insurance companies?
    No. The insurance company employs their own adjusters who represent them. The public adjuster that you hire will work for you and will make sure to get you everything possible as allowed under the terms of your policy.
  • Will Houston public adjusters sell me an alternative insurance policy?
    No. Public adjusters do not work for insurance companies nor are they licensed to sell insurance. Their number one, and only, mission is to help with insurance claims after the damage has been done.
  • Shouldn’t I save my money and prepare my own insurance claim?
    Houston public adjusters pay for themselves. When you have their expertise on your side, you should see a dramatic increase in your settlement offer. They can’t even charge you if they don’t get you a better offer.
  • What do Houston public adjusters do?
    These professionals are thorough. They search the damaged property for all possible losses and document everything using hundreds of photos, diagrams, notes, and detailed drawings. They also review your policy so that they can list everything you are entitled to and they counter any existing settlement offer with their revisions. From there, they will negotiate a higher payment directly with your insurance carrier.
  • Are Houston public adjusters licensed?
    Yes. They must pass a licensing exam administered by the Texas Department of Insurance as well as post a bond and participate in continuing education throughout their career.
  • Why would I need Houston public insurance adjusters when my insurance company will send one to me?
    Because the insurance company adjuster represents the insurance company and wants to minimize their losses. The public adjuster represents YOU and no one else. He’ll make sure to catch everything that’s overlooked by the insurance company and more.  
  • How do Houston public adjusters area residents and businesses with insurance claims?
    Houston public adjusters assist the people and businesses of the city to get equitable settlement offers from their insurance companies. As locals, they can accurately estimate rebuilding costs. They handle your paperwork and discover all losses before negotiating a better settlement offer.
  • Why should I use the services of Houston public adjusters when I’m entitled to a settlement?
    You may be entitled to a settlement but how do you make sure the settlement covers everything you are entitled to? Having a knowledgeable advocate on your side means that you will get everything that you are entitled to. During a claim, the burden of proof belongs to you. You must prove your losses. A public adjuster will make sure this gets done.
  • How can Houston public adjusters help me get paid?
    They don’t get paid if you don’t get paid! In fact, they won’t get paid unless they get you a larger offer. This incentive ensures that they work hard to get you the most money possible. Their meticulous paperwork and documentation along with accurate estimates keep delays on the part of the insurance company to a minimum.
  • How much will I pay Houston public adjusters?
    Expect to pay a percentage of the claim. Remember, they can’t charge you unless they get you a higher offer.
  • Which claims do Houston public adjusters handle?
    Houston public adjusters can work on any insurance claim imaginable from tornados to theft and everything in between.
  • My claim has been filed. Can I still hire Houston public adjusters?
    Yes, you can hire them at any time. Don’t cash the settlement check until your adjuster reviews the offer.


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