Houston Public Adjusters

What is a Public Adjuster?

Houston Public Adjusters have usually been employed as claim adjusters for one of the major Texas insurance companies before going into public service with their expertise and inside knowledge. Houston Public Adjusters can choose to work independently, or with a Public Adjusting Company.

From state to state and even from town to town, the role of a Public Adjuster can change. For example, a Houston Public Adjuster may not be able to lend the same support as a Public Adjuster in another region. This can be due to a varying level of education, or a differing standard in various regions and departments. Public Adjusters do, however, typically have the same aim; they work with the public to settle their property damage insurance claims for an amount acceptable to both parties.

It is common for consumers and laymen to confuse the Public Adjuster with the Private Adjuster. Though the names are similar, the differences between them are important to note. Private Insurance Adjusters represent the insurance companies themselves, while Public Adjusters represent the policyholder. Also, Public Adjusters carry proficiency in estimating property damage and are familiar with the local building codes of their area.


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Of utmost concern to the city of Houston is the aftermath of a major disaster or catastrophe, when the city is flooded with out of state claims adjusters bringing dubious estimating expertise to bear on the unsuspecting consumer. Repair estimates are written in areas where building codes and regulations are constantly changed and updated, and often differ from those in the claim adjusters home state. While the influx of claims adjusters following such a tragedy is necessary due simply to the sheer amount of estimating that must be done, the problem arises when there are mistakes and those charged with finding and correcting these mistakes fail to do so. It is for this reason that Public Adjusters are needed and why the Texas Department of Insurance makes a priority of licensing Public Adjusters in the city of Houston and elsewhere.


Even those policyholders that have been financially ravaged by a disaster can afford the services of a Houston Public Adjuster. This is because Houston Public Adjusters are not paid up front. Rather, Houston Public Adjusters may only charge the consumer a percentage of the final claim, with no fee applicable at all if the claim is not settled for a higher amount than the policyholder has already received.

It is unfortunate that Public Insurance Adjusting, both within the city of Houston and throughout the state, is a very specialized area of expertise. Because of this, Public Adjusters are somewhat rare and following a major disaster their services can be difficult to obtain.  Should a hurricane approach, the wise consumer will contact a Houston Public Adjuster before disaster strikes. This pre-damage contact with a Houston Public Adjuster can ensure a quicker response after the fact, should you need assistance with your claim.